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Krista and Bernie have been described as being "attached-by-a-wire-at-the head". Their combined passion stems from the belief that design should make you feel something beyond the satisfaction of basic function, it is both experiential and emotional.

Bringing a balance of creative and analytical prowess, they navigate the design process as a sequence of opportunities; a multidisciplinary platform from which to improve the human experience.

Their aesthetic makes you want to look twice, to be intrigued and engaged; to bring an element of illusion or the fantastic that shares their sense of curiosity with others.

Their adopted practice is "digital craft"; an answer to a post industrial era, where there is time and space for thoughtful consideration, and minimal production of goods. The QWRKhouse collection of objects are created purely with digital software tools as the medium and fused filament fabrication printing as the physical outlet for the creative process.

Bernie and Krista are inspired by the fact that through design, there is an opportunity to bring joy into the lives of others, however, they are reluctant makers as they believe the world already has a lot of stuff. That is why their current creation system, which only "makes" upon request, is something they can both embrace.

With the rise of AI generated content, and its fantastic virtual imagery, QWRKhouse holds itself as a viable adversary, as the power of human imagination is limitless. Proudly defining their work as #HumanGenerated, their pipeline includes technologically savvy processes, but is ultimately driven by an inherently human desire to express emotion. QWRKhouse creates equally fantastic images, but finds confidence in the fact that those images actually represent objects that may be brought into physical reality.

With a final realization via fused filament fabrication, the studio wishes to incite an elevated regard for the 3D printing production method, and feel it holds so much potential, as it can be employed to create in ever expanding capacities.

Adopting the Constructivist philosophy of "Truth To Material", QWRKhouse embraces the characteristics of their chosen production method and incorporates them into their final designs. In this way, the design forms are in harmony with their material selection, and so the designers may be in harmony with the future ahead.

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